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My due date was August 8, 1998, but apparently Morgana had different plans.

I went in for a doctor appointment August 6 and the doctor makes an appointment to have me induced August 20th.

August 16, 1998-My back achy lately and I notice the Braxton-Hicks contractions are becoming more frequent.
August 17, 1998-I begin to lose the notorious mucus plug. Those annoying Braxton-Hicks must be doing something! Hurrah!
August 18, 1998-More of those annoying Braxton-Hicks and more of the plug is lost but nothing to get excited about. I sure am tired lately though, I'd sleep 18 hours a day if I could!
August 19, 1998-Well tomorrow I am scheduled to be induced. I keep telling the baby "You'd better hurry up and come out on your own or you're going to be evicted tomorrow!!" I have been having more Braxton-Hicks and they *do* seem to be getting stronger and more regular but I am not going to get my hopes up.

The Real Thing?!
~9pm I think this could actually be labor! The B/H have been getting stronger and more regular all day. Should I mention this to Chuck? Nope, don't want to freak him out if it is a false alarm. I'll just drink some water and lay down for awhile.

August 20, 1998-12am Today's the day!! I get everything cleaned up and recheck the bag.
~2am The contractions are *definitely* getting stronger and closer together. I would say they are about 10 minutes apart now and lasting about 30 seconds. I decide to take a shower and shave my legs to the best of my ability then I'll try to catch some sleep. I am supposed to call Labor and Delivery at 6am to find out what time they want me to come in for the induction.
~2:30am I'm out of the shower and ready to hop into bed for some Z's. I am so excited I don't have any idea how I'll be able to sleep!
~3am Still awake. As soon as I laid down those contractions got lots stronger. They are better if I lay on my back my that isn't good for the baby. I'll just go to the bathroom *again* and try to sleep. Just look at Chuck sound asleep, should I wake him? Nah, I'll let him sleep. He'll need to be well rested to put up with my Crabby-Lady-In-Labor attitude in the morning.
4am *STILL* awake. I feel like I need to have to go to the bathroom and that is keeping me awake. I think the contractions are about 5 minutes apart but I am not convinced they are the *REAL* thing. You'd think they would hurt, these are just uncomfortably tight and located in my lower abdomen. I'll just wait it out until 6am and see what the L&D nurse has to say.
~5am This is ridicules. I am still awake. The contractions are pretty close together. I figure I'll actually time these until 6am and tell the nurse the frequency and duration.
~6am At last! The contractions are 5 minutes apart and lasting about 60 seconds, I can still walk and talk through them. When I call the nurse she tells me to stay home and come in at 8am as long as I am OK and don't feel I need to come in before then.
~6:15am I wake up Chuck. He goes to take a shower while I anxiously pace around. I'd like to sit down but I just can't get comfortable Is it 7:30 yet?
~7:45am We leave for the hospital! I do not enjoy this ride at all. Whenever Chuck stops the car that is the same time a contractions kicks in. Not the most comfortable experience I have had so far. Of course, I haven't even mentioned to Chuck that I'm having contractions. I am so paranoid it isn't real labor I don't want to be embarrassed by being wrong. Silly I know.
~8:10am We arrive at the hospital. By 8:15 we are settled into our own room. This is the same room I will labor, have the baby and stay in until we go home. We have a nice view of a roof top out our window. Well that doesn't matter, we aren't here for the view after all.

I change and get all settled into the bed. My doctor pops in to check on me and to see how dilated I am. I am at 4cm! She decides to break my water, boy that feels funny. I keep thinking I peed myself. Anyway, there is meconium in the water indicating baby may be in distress so she puts an internal monitor on the baby's head to make sure baby is OK. Then I get an external monitor on my tummy so they can monitor my contractions and see how close together and how long they are. Doctor is still planning to use the pitocin drip to "induce" me so I get an IV. I really hope I won't get the pitocin. I have heard horror stories about that stuff. My Labor nurse is a great lady and stays in the room with us only leaving to get things organized. She doesn't think I need the pitocin as my contractions are now 3 minutes apart. They are definitely getting stronger.

~9:45am Chuck is starting to annoy me. I mean here I am having a baby here and he is all concerned with calling everyone he has ever known. Of course he can't call my parents. I don't really feel up to it at this point so I'll have to do it later. My feet are FREEZING and I am so COLD! Chuck gets some socks out for me.

10ish-The nurse wants me to move onto my left side from my semi-sitting position. As she is helping me to manage that Chuck decides it is time to have some breakfast and heads out to the kitchen. After getting me settled into the new position the nurse runs out of the room for a second. Two seconds after the nurse leaves I feel an overwhelming urge to push!!! I remember from my Childbirth class that I should pant to help myself not push. When the nurse comes back in I am breathing normally again then **WHAM** once again I am grunting and panting and trying my darndest not to push. The nurse goes "Do you feel like you want to push?" I nod yes so fast I get dizzy! She then goes off to have my doctor paged and started getting things ready for the birth. Chuck comes into the room with a carton of milk and a bagel and sees total chaos. The nurse is running in and out, the medical students arrive in their cute scrubs and help her with the prep. And Chuck decides it is time to make more calls. Apparently he thinks now is a good time to call so everyone can hear me panting and grunting in the background. He gets a clue once they start taking the bed apart and puts the phone down. He sticks this silly stuffed toy in my face and I almost snap at him but I restrain myself at the last second and concentrate on not pushing until my doctor get in. Yay, she is here! I am declared at 10cm and ready to push...never mind the fact I have been fighting NOT to push for the last 20 minutes!

Pushing, once I got the hang of it, was the greatest thing. It was such a relief for me so I really enjoyed this part of labor!

***10:30am***After only 10 minutes of pushing! Our baby is born. They whisk her off to get the gunk sucked out before she can inhale any of it-this is a precaution because of the meconium that was in the water-and we are told we have a girl. Chuck gets all goony on me which annoys me at that point in time.
10:45am I get to hold my new daughter. She has red hair! Definitely a Morgana.