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My first due date was June 29 but then after an ultra sound they changed it to July 13. Arggggh!!

The months pass....

June 29th passes with nary a twinge... Then July 13th came and went and no baby!

Monday the 17th of July, 2000
I wake up at 5 am with some pretty regular contractions, not too painful but painful enough to keep me awake. I try not to get too excited and good thing too; they stopped by 9 am. I had a doctors. appt in the afternoon and I though for sure I would have had some change at least some effacement. NOPE! Nothin'! I was bummed.

My doctor decided we should have some gel applied the next day to get things moving along and while I wasn't too keen on the whole gel idea but I was eager to meet my baby, especially since we didn't know if baby was a boy or a girl at the time. We make the gel appt. for 1pm and go home.

Tuesday the 18th of July, 2000
Once again I wake up at 5 with some pretty regular contractions but this time they stick around past 9am. I call my doctor at 10am and tell him about the contractions and he says to just head up to the hospital and they'll check me before they apply the gel. Okey-dokey, fine with me. By the time we get to the hospital the contractions have stopped. UGH. When they check me we find I am dilated to 3cm-maybe even 31/2! Wooo-HOOOO!! They call my doc he gets excited, says "No gel for you!" -well duh!!- and we set up to be induced the next day. Not too thrilled about that either but figure I might go into full blown labor by then anyway. We agree on a 7 am induction appt. and once again go home. Later that night I have some more contractions that I napped through and I lose my mucus plug-YEAH! I'm now really sure I'll go into labor on my own.

Wednesday the 19th of July, 2000
Guess what....I wake up at 5 am by contractions AGAIN! Now that was getting pretty darn old in a hurry but I am happily it's the last time I'll be woken up that contractions anyway. LOL These stick around and are pretty darn strong by the time we leave for the hospital.

We get to the hospital by 7 am and my doctor meets us in our birthing suite just minutes after we get there. I tell him about my contractions and we chat until my nurse gets in the room. Once I change into my oh-so-lovely hospital gown my doctor checks and he is surprised because I am 71/2 cm dilated and fully effaced! No pitocin for this Momma! He wants to hook me up to a monitor briefly to make sure baby is doing OK but he says once that is done I'm free to wander, shower, do what ever. He chats with us for a few minutes and then leaves until he is needed. My nurse tells me I look "too comfortable" to be in hard labor while she tries to get baby to stay in one place long enough to get a good reading. Baby will not co-operate but after about 45 minutes I am free of that blasted monitor. I'm restless and cold and I want to take a shower but then two seconds later I don't. The keep trying to get me to drink some water for some forgotten reason but I'm just not thirsty.

Shortly before 10 am I feel I need to use the rest room so I waddle over there. While I'm sitting on the toilet I feel kind of like I want to push so I decide I'd better get back to my bed. I lay down and try to get comfy and then I suddenly feel more pushy. Nurse pages the doctor and tells me to pant and blow so I don't push. I try but I really can't help myself! Dr comes rushing in and says I'm almost fully dilated but he can still feel a "lip" of cervix so I need to hold off on pushing a few more minutes. Only one problem-I can't!! Dr realizes I'm pushing right past the "lip" so he lets me go. Maybe 5 minutes later baby is born.

A girl! 7 lbs 3 ounces-one ounce more than her daddy was at birth, 19 inches long. 10 fingers, 10 toes, a head full of dark hair and absolutely perfect!