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An alphabetical listing of some cloth diaper related terms, descriptions and definitions.

Diapers, All-In-One:
Also called AIO. The most convenient type of cloth diaper available that is as easy to use as a disposable but with the price to match. Has a built in water-proof layer and snaps, Velcro or other hook and loop closure so they need no pins or separate water-proof covers.

Many Moms keep a few on hand to use while traveling, trips to the store or for the babysitter/Grandma/Daddy to use.

Diaper Covers:
Also called diaper wraps. Water-proof outer cover for pre-fold, fitted, shaped and hourglass shaped diapers. Used to hold the diaper on without using pins and to prevent moisture from getting baby's clothes wet.

Diaper Dunking:
Dunking and swishing soiled diapers in the toilet to remove the solid waste [poop] before placing in diaper pail. Some see no need to do this but I do not feel comfortable with just knocking off most of the poop and leaving the rest for the washer to remove.

Diapers, Fitted/Shaped:
A hourglass shaped diaper with the back ends of the diaper widened into longer "wings" for easier pinning/fastening, a tapered middle, elastic around the legs and back so the diaper fits snuggly more like a disposable. Usually has Velcro or another type of hook and loop closure or snap closures and needs a waterproof outer cover.

Diapers, Flat:

One layer diaper, usually a large (30'' square) piece of cloth, which is folded and pinned onto baby. Must be covered by diaper pants or used with a diaper cover.

Learn how to fold a flat diaper

Diapers, Hourglass Shaped:
Diaper cut wider at the ends with a tapered middle. Must be used with diaper covers/wraps or with diaper pins and diaper pants to keep in wetness.

Diaper Pail:
Any large container with tight fitting lid used to store wet and soiled diapers until they can be washed. See also Wet Pail, Dry Pail and Diaper Pail Care

Diaper Pins
Used to hold Pre-fold, hourglass and some fitted/shaped diapers on your baby when using diaper pants.

Diaper/Plastic Pants:
Used with hour glass, fitted/shaped, pre-folded and flat diapers to prevent leaks and keep baby's clothes dry. Two types: pull-on and side snap.

Diapers, Pre-Fold:
Rectangle shaped diaper with a multi-layer middle. Used with pins and plastic pants or diaper covers/wraps.

Most common types: Diaper Service Quality (DSQ), Birds-eye Weave and flannel.

Used to increase absorbency of all diaper types for heavy wetters, for overnight and for trips.

Dry Pail:
Diaper pail without any water or detergent added.

See also
Diaper Pail and Wet Pail.

A layer of cloth or disposable paper that goes on top of the diaper next to baby's skin. Used to make disposing of solid waste easier and keep the diapers cleaner by preventing the soil from touching them. You can buy disposable ones that can be flushed or make your own from fleece that are washed and reused.

Wet Pail:
Diaper pail with water and some detergent and/or baking soda added to soak the diapers.

See also
Diaper Pail and Dry Pail